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Mental Speak Radio
Cultural therapy, music, and comedy hosted by La Tonya "LT" Davison
Image of La Tonya Davison DJing at the meditation podcast Mental Speak Radio.
Encouraging deeper thought
Mental Speak Radio is an award-winning show that pushes listeners to confront complex topics.

Created in 2017, as a movement to encourage deeper thought, and challenges listeners to face difficult or controversial social problems. Our archives contain engaging conversations that are cultural therapy for listeners.

Podcast creator and host, La Tonya "LT" Davison, is a DJ, comedian, social work therapist, and Navy veteran who uses comedy and music of all genres to facilitate individual and collective growth for purposed action.

A Cultural therapy Podcast
Live every Wednesday and archives wherever you find podcasts.

Our radio show airs on Fishbowl Radio Network,, every Wednesday at 5 pm CST. Listeners can catch episodes they miss and re-listen to old episodes via our podcast available wherever you listen to podcasts, including Apple, iHeart Radio, Podbean, etc.

Image of LT Davison hosting Mental Speak Radio, cultural therapy with comedy and music.

Mindful living podcasts
Catch up on your cultural therapy by listening to past episodes.